Connecting to blueSpace using a WebDav Enabled App

Information Shared by Dan Sloan:

If you have an application on your iPad that is WebDav enabled (iWork suite, Office2Go, etc.) The iPad can connect to Bluespace, download, edit, and upload Office documents without issue. It can navigate the folder structure, but not create a new folder or edit permissions.

Connection information:

iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
tap “My Documents” (or spreadsheets, or presentations)
tap the open document icon -> it looks like an arrow pointing into a desktop tray
tap “Copy from WebDAV”
Server address -> enter where the “Xs” are replaced by your DUSIS ID
User Name -> enter your DUSIS ID
Password -> enter your DUSIS password
Tap sign in
It’s probably worth noting the following limitations:

1. For the iWork suite you need to setup the WebDAV connection for each application.
2. For each application, you can only have one WebDAV server connection at a time, and you can’t bookmark them. This will probably become an issue if SkyDrive can support a WebDAV connection.
3. If you just want to read a document on Bluespace, you can use Safari to log into BlueView, navigate to Bluespace, and view the files. It’s actually not quite that intuitive, but it does work.

November 17, 2010
The first meeting of DUMUG was held today. It was an organizational meeting. The discussion centered around the direction the group wanted to go in regards to a meeting format, topics of interest, and general sharing.

It was the general consensus that the meetings would begin with presentations/demos of applications for a specific mobile device by one of the DUMUG group members. That would be followed with some general sharing time. It was also suggested that students be invited to be part of the group for future meetings.

Some interest was expressed about the following topics:

  • How mobile devices are currently being used in classrooms
  • Accessories for iPad, etc.
  • Digital textbooks; annotated digital textbooks
  • Business applications: i.e., Bloomburg, Wall Street Journal
  • Pharmacy applications
  • College specific apps
  • Capture with voice recognition
  • Bring in vendors for demo's
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Good Reader
  • Campus-wide purchasing of devices and apps
  • Classes on how to create apps for mobile devices

What did I miss? Please add to this list of topics.

I found a link for one of the things we discussed in this meeting related to providing college/campus information to mobile devices, which I thought might of interest - Jean
Posted by Peggy Steinbronn
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