Sharing contact information can be a pain, but the My Name Is E iPhone app makes the whole process terrifyingly simple by allowing people to share contact information with anyone in physical proximity.

Basically, all you have to do is download the iPhone app and open it while near people who have the same app. In seconds their names will pop up on your screen and you'll be able to send your contact information to them. If you want to share details with people who don't have an iPhone or the My Name Is E app, then you can simly email them everything they need straight from the app.

Have you ever gotten PDF scans of books that were two pages and realized that they look fine on a computer but not that nice on a mobile device. Have you ever gone through the hassle of manually cropping every page in Acrobat and still not gotten the desired results.

Briss is a simple crop tool to help save pdf documents so they are easily accessible on mobile devices. While the interface is not that sexy it does just what it claims to do. Take multipage documents and crop them all the same size in a batch process.

Frog Dissection on the iPad